Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Unreadable...unread" ~ Summer's End (Scrummage, MotorCityLive, Malkmus and Wilde)

I'm applying a bit of quality control by allowing myself to shut off this golden-shackle, this sleek and sordid scope, this computer, and give myself a bit of a vacation. A road trip. A re-submergence back into the works I love and the new works that keep pouring out...

Because Oscar Wilde's words echo in my mind: ("Oh!, journalism is unreadable and literature is unread"... or, for that matter") ...and I've just been longing a period where I don't feel compelled to throw something up here. I don't want to throw it, per se, -for it might shatter. And I don't want to be compelled, because that makes me think of compulsion, which makes me think of the word obsessive and I don't want this blog turning into a floor mat that I'm ritualistically lint-rolling.

I'm gonna go listen to the Zombies and Jimi Hendrix and A Tribe Called Quest and Buddy Holly and the Ettes, even, too, and definitely some of the new Malkmus album and maybe some Wild Beasts with a side of John Maus and then back again to the Beatles. And more Beatles.

And I'm gonna read Moby Dick, g'dammit.

And I'm going to write about the Armageddon that never happened.

By the way... Spotify just told me to "...enjoy the ride."

This, it seems, will thus bring order to the chaos once wrought by internet pirates. And a convenient order, assuredly. An annoying voice in my head wonders if this will ring anything close to Imperialist Powers supplanting pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries by establishing their own Trading Companies...

What does this mean for labels and artists? ->

And what will it mean to the listener? Music plays a role in our cultural and social maturity - but what will such great access do to our minds? - Does ease of accessibility mean we get bored quicker?

I'm gonna go sit down and listen to some songs. I'll report back what I find...

I want to find out, once and for all, whether nostalgia still exists... whether true weirdness has become a myth... And I'm just going to let myself get carried away with sounds and music...

"I am but too conscious of the fact that we are born in an age when only the dull are treated seriously, and I live in terror of not being misunderstood" (Oscar Wilde)

Albeit the following bits are only germane as long as its still August 11th - but you all know this- between Google+ and Facebook, we all have our own blogs now - just click "share"

In the meantime, keep your eyes set and ears bent towards various outlets, elements and artisans around Detroit ~ Scrummage has seen a flair of activity, particularly with their new location, Scrummage Vision - show tonite: Blastoids, Sheefy Mcfly and the Deloreans, Religous Girls and Prophet Nathan.

MotorCity Special Live continues its weekly broadcasts from the UDetroit Cafe. Zoos of Berlin perform live, tonight, along with an array of special guests...

There's Ypsi and Ann Arbor to look out for as well - like, JWPP have an album ready and they're cuarting Ypsi Fest ~ Rumor had it that Lightning Love were working on an album - but in the meantime, some of its members have formed a band called Liquor Store and have a double LP out (Yeah Buddy) -

Beyond that - If the Woodward Dream Cruise isn't enough to keep you away with the exasperation of baby boomers thronged into downtown Ferndale, then - well, why not settle into that-city's New Way Bar, (Sat 8/20) for what should be a loud and sweaty evening of music, with: The Sights, the Handgrenades, the Party Stompers and High Strung...

FernCare Free Health Clinic has a benefit show, also, on September 10th! Head out to DB Coopers that evening to help spur on the launch of its permanent location. More info here (with a performance from Sheefy & the Delorean)

Also - former Prussia(n) Andrew Remdenok has some music out there on the net - dig it.

That's about all I can tell you for now.

More musical musing up by the middle of next week.

Duende (new LP coming), Malkmus (thoughts on his latest), Prussia (Poor English and their glossy Single Barrel video are coming soon), Wild Beasts (playing Detroit in September), St. Vincent (I'm in love with her new single, and just like every indie-boy--in love with her), Jesse & the Gnome (new music video?), DALLY IN THE ALLEY (2nd week of September--whose playing it?) -
all kinds of cultural curiosities and goings-ons...both locally (MI) and nationally...

What does the Panic in London mean for music and labels? "Independent record labels fear ruinous stock loss in London riots fire" (from the GuardianUK)

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