Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some things of note...

And, having just written that blog-header^, I realize how ludicrous that statement is, when it rings out into the hyper-transient conveyance of information, here, on Internet-world... medium over message, and all such nonesense.

For the modest permanence that this blog post will provide - please, should you be out and about this Friday evening and near Ferndale, MI - consider this crowded collusion of chaotic musical performers -to be crammed inside the Hybrid Moments punk boutqiue (which...I'm guessing off the top of my head, can hold maybe 49 people, -uncomfortably).

Still! Take note(s)!

Child Bite welcomes Hume and Dope Body - along with local openers, Pupils.



Grand Rapids-based synth-proffering dance pop quartet Stepdad have been charming local (and midwest) audiences with their cool/dorky theatrics and their ebullient, colorful tunes - The tinny, digi-wrung tones and bouyant rhythms of this single from their forthcoming EP capture a stylish kind of giddy, as punchy as jumping-beans infused into gumballs that are winding their way down dayglo plastic twirly slides... ...such came their charm upon audiences; keyboards and high airy vocals are effective at getting listeners to not be so self conscious over letting-loose...

Stepdad - My Leather, My Fur, My Nails by DC/Milo

But with the EP, listeners can now dig into the subteties of their songwriting sensibility - away from the boom of amps and the rush of the crowds... It's out September 6th on Ann Arbor based Quite Scientific...


Remember The Horrors? Primary Colours?

They have a new record coming out this week on XL, Skying could be what the Guardian (UK) is considering the "the feelgood album of the summer)."

For your consideration:
The Horrors - "Moving Further Away"

So, now, then... (no Michigan dates on this tour, though they fly through Chicago on 9/25, but still - sounds abound on zee internet)

more info from XL

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