Thursday, February 17, 2011

Absofacto / 10k Cities - Kiko - out now

Pop song transcendentalist Jon Visger (of Mason Proper) has spent the last year or so fleshing out his beat-driven, more electronic-laden project Absofacto, continuing through an equally urbane, florid and evocative tract as the more indie-rock leaning project parenthetically referenced above.
By that same token, Absofacto also finds Visger indulging his seemingly incorrigable bent toward galvanizing any and all possibilities of structure, sense and delivery for a pop song's perceived format. So... less like some gallantly iconoclastic indie-pop writer like a Win Butler or a Kevin Drew, Absofact has found find Visger becoming more fully realized as a producer-type (a sonic chef, so to speak) that would blend the earthy acoustics and sinews of a bending electric guitar to the shimmering buzz and gleam of synthesized bass and the instantaneously coax of shuffling sequenced beats (more like a Dan Snaith, if you will).

Anyway - I'm burying the lead - Absofacto has paired with instrumental hip/hop producing duo 10k Cities for a new 7" split - Kiko - which is out, now, today...and for the rest of -ever, on Dovecoat Records. The artwork above is by Michigan-based Silent Giants. Copies are limited to 500 and are only available via Absofacto's Bandcamp or topspin.
So - Kiko is where the pair of electronic-leaning trio can meet in a sort of middle ground; with 10k Cities having cut their teeth on the art of the remix (and with Visger, himself, having dabbled recently with Ra Ra Riot and a few more), they can hook arms and dosey-doe for a few tracks that showcases each's knack for a genre-defiant song-building that's bristling with plenty of zest and left-field zooms, but still maintaining a dreamy allure.

A. Kiko by Absofacto & 10k Cities
B. 80844264@81 (Love Song) by Absofacto

Bonus Track: "Dekeract" by 10k Cities

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