Monday, February 7, 2011

Island Brothers - join the Cairo Gang + Drag City and Edge Outreach

Bonnie "Prince" Billy and the Cairo Gang, the avant-garde folk duo combining the savvy and storied songwriter Will Oldham with the commendable, and further flourishing young guitarist/singer Emmett Kelly, are releasing a 10" vinyl single ("Island Brothers" / "New Wonder") to support Louisville KY-based EDGE OUTREACH, a faith-based outreach group working toward providing grassroots water purification systems that can be maintained by a local population.

Though Christian at its core, Edge Outreach recently provided aid to Moslems in Pakistan. Currently, with the people of Haiti Still devestated by last year's hurricane (and last October's cholera outbreak), they hope to provide them education on how to provide themselves with safe drinking water, integral to preventing the spread of cholera.

Purchasing this decorated 10" will then join you, the listener, to the cause, along with the Cairo Gang, with Drag City and with Edge Outreach, to help provide pure water and education to the people of Haiti.

The tracks continue along the stirring, majestic folk of the duo's 2010 Wonder Show of the World. Combining a lightly reverb-spilt, sublimely-twanged guitar with the shuffling, sonorous splay of an aged, dusty-sounding piano, under Oldham's breezy warble, blurring the lines of folk/country to the meditative, meandering groove of jazz. Watch here.

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