Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hunky Dory

A new culture blog has sprouted - and it's administered by actual musicians exuding genuine enthusiasm, curiosity and reverence for the verdant, knotty undergrowth of this town's underground.

The Hunky Dory Music Hour posts new episodes (podcasts) each week + one new article (sometimes a man-on-the-street type live review of a local show, or an album review a local band's recent release)

...four examples of each (including a podcast that features Red China) are up, now on the site - HERE.

Get to know the pair of Hunky Dory doers... Keith Bedore (pictured - currently of Sound & Fury) and Tom Bahorski (who can be heard below... of The Ashleys).

Who knows where it'll go or what it'll do...but I like what I see and hear so far...

Get to know 'em more:

Listen: The Ashleys - "Ain't Right"

In similar podcast-y news -

ItAllStartsUnderground documents the work of Detroit-based Groovebox Studios (which is helmed by Jeff Wenzel of The Sugar People). Check out the site for free streams of dozens of MP3's featuring local artists who have recorded under GBS's roof - "one band, one room, one take philosophy!"

more info here

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