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Blowout Picks - "Epic Weekend" - "Hope this helps" - "See you there"

Blowout time again

Four Nights +
a hundred or so bands (all local/Detroit/SE-Mid-West-North Michigan) +
15 venues + the streets of Hamtramck =
March 2nd -> March 5th

Each year, DCblog has tried to refrain from splattering these pages with its own subjective favorites and "suggestions" for any reader to consider...

...and instead, has asked musicians from bands on the Blowout bill to lay out their ideal schedule scenarios - of other bands they're hoping to catch, lilypad-leaping from bar to bar to arrive at particular time slots in a madcap mini-marathon (or more attuned to a pinballs hectic bounce/launch/fall-pop-and-re-acceleration)...

Here goes:

Brent "Blaksmith" Smith (of Cold Men Young-- performing Thursday, 3/3, 11 pm at the Belmont)

"I figured I'd break up the nights. The easiest night for me Blowout 14 and the hardest night for me Blowout 14.

Wednesday is easy. . . Darling Imperial (lead singer Sarah Sadovsky and I share the same roots in Rochester Hills). (9:15 pm - Magic Stick's 2nd stage-- Detroit)

Thursday is the tough night. Prussia (9:20 New Dodge) would take my early slot. I would request "Sister" at The New Dodge. . .And pay Ryan from when I skipped out on the bill at Le Petite Zinc.

Then I'd head over to G of C Hall to hear some hippity hop with Smash Television (10:20 pm).

Cold Men Young at The Belmont 11pm? Nah. That's too much rap. Instead let's go with Cold Men Young's boom-bap maker (producer). Sheefy Mcfly and his Deloreans at Baker's Streetcar (11:20pm) will be a nice blend of edge and ego. To close out my night, I will embrace the awkward moments with illy mack (12midnight Small's) and compare how much Jen's singing voice sounds like her talking voice. Her and Steve will be swell multi-instrumentalists at Small's. By now I have lost my glasses or my wallet or both.

Hope this helps..."

Up next: Drummer Scottie Stone (who performs with a few different bands throughout the week: Marco Polio & the New Vaccines; Eleanora; Forget...and, am I forgetting any?

"Night one (Wednesday): Secret Twins (1:15 am) and Lettercamp (11:45pm) are a good bet.

Thursday : Scarlet O
aks (9:40 pm G of C Hall) and Tone and Niche (8:40 pm - again, G of C Hall)are a great starter combo. And for me it's going to be Robin Goodfellow (10pm Mars Bar) - Then, see whatever Banxx is then try to throw (Marco Polio singer) Steven into (Marco Polio guitarist, Michael) Mars. (12midnight, Mars Bar)...

I do want to make a point to watch bands I've never heard. But I will tell you about what I know.

Child Bite (12:20 am New Dodge)
plays at the same time as us.....Fuck......I love those guys. As does illy mack (12midnight, Small's) -double fuck...Two of the main bands I want to watch. Polio has plans: I think we want everyone to just say fuck it and get naked. We shall see how that goes.

Ok F
riday: Honestly think I'm going to spend most of my night at the Loco Gnosis Showcase (Baker's Streetcar) Great line up and it get's hard to leave with those guys around. Eleanora is now a member of the family. Wonderful people to be around. And they got the boom ole ole ole!!!

I haven't heard Conspiracy of Owls (10pm G of C Hall) live yet; we had their tape on tour this summer with Polio and I loved it. Legendary Creatures (11:20 pm Kelly's Bar) and Fur (12:40 Mars Bar) are two sets I will go to great lengths to see. I think the Satin Peaches (1:00am Small's) will round out the whole event for me. See you guys down there!!

Lastly (for today), singer/guitarist Dina Bankole (who also is slated for multiple performances, who knows how much free time she'll actually have to run around to these potential destinations. In the meantime, you can see her with The Secret Twins (Wednesday 1am Magic Stick), and Swimsuit (Friday, 12:40, Atlas as part of Ginkgo Records' showcase).

"MAR 2 (WED)

Pre-party! I've never been to the pre-party, but I have to admit I'm a little relieved the entire night is limited to one complex. Less running about and less missing out on sets. I will be front and center for FAWN! (10pm Magic Stick)
The other bands I've never seen before so I'm happy to have the opporunity to take them all in.


If life was good to me I would be able to camp out at the New Dodge all night to see PRUSSIA/MAN AT ARMS/ZOOS OF BERLIN/CHILD BITE. I wouldn't even leave for a snack. Hopefully I can catch most of it until I head over to the GoC Hall to end the night playing guitar with the JSB Squad (12:20 am GofC)
! I've been in concert bands, but nothing like this before. I'm expecting tenuously controlled chaos. STWINS ended up playing GoF Hall last year for some crazy lucky reason so it'll be nice to return to that stage albeit a little less naked this time.

I will however be sad to miss Illy, (12midnight, Small's) DeadBeat B, (10 pm Small's) Marco P, (12midnight Mars Bar) KomKil, (12midnight Belmont) Royale, (9:40pm Kelly's) and many more Thursday night.


I'll be with SWIMSUIT playing in Shelly Salant's GINGKO RECORDS SHOWCASE at the Atlas Bar Friday night with TURN TO CRIME, MAN AT ARMS, and DAMNED DOGS (Amber Fellows & Fred Thomas) so while my movement will be limited I have no problem seeing good friends at one of my favorite spots in Hamtram.

Once again though I would be happy to spend Friday in one place - at the Belmont for KELLY JEAN CALDWELL/ARAN RUTH/GARDENS/SUGARCOATS. I still haven't seen the Sugarcoats before. This is unacceptable. Maybe i'll get a chance to sneak out and see a little bit of the Belmont show along with Team Ethic (10 pm GofC Lounge), Bad Indians (9:40 pm Jeans), Bars of Gold (10:40 pm Small's) also never/really want to see), Carjack (11pm Kelly's), Deastro, Winter Ruby, (both at Paychecks for VIC Showcase) and the Octopus (11:40pm Small's)


blowout campout
! I do believe I will be spending most of my time at The Painted Lady (tied for favorite Hamsam place with Atlas) to see TIM VULGAR DJ and LIQUOR STORE/TERRIBLE TWOS/HUMAN EYE. I'd like to sneak out to see The Wolfs (11pm Atlas);
and the Butt Babies (1am Atlas). It's be cool to have time to see Bill Bondsmen (9:20 GofC Lounge) and Woodman (Midnight Baker's Streetcar).


More info from Metro Times
Full Schedule Here

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