Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hip Hop Revolution (in Egypt and elsewhere)

"Music...with the goal of peace..."

Read about the role of hip hop music in the Egyptian protest movement. Here's an interview with Egypt-based rap outfit Arabian Knightz along with Detroit based journalist Steve Furay (founder of Common Breath Media, an online hip/hop culture magazine and stalwart proponent of Arabian Knightz.

"Some of us went down to the streets to take part on the 25th. ...And some of us are now in the studios...." -Rush (of Arabian Knightz)

Listen to a special report from PRI's The World (from Tuesday) on "Hip-hop for Revolution" to hear about how rappers and hip/hop artists in Cairo and all across North Africa are galvanized to form the soundtrack for the unrest endemic throughout the region.

"Hip hop for Revolution" (from The World)

It seems the people of Egypt and across North Africa have found numerous and potent voices to express their oposition.

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