Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ginkgo Records

I feel like I need to post about nine different, alone... just to keep up with Shelley.
Busy bee, I tell you what...I have a multitude of band's tabs open as I type...and she's connected, in one way or another, to each -

Shelley drums for the sleek n' sunny indie pop quartet Swimsuit, (while others might remember her from stints with Tyvek or Charlie Slick).

Last year, she staretd releasing a handful of recordings with her Ann Arbor-based Ginkgo Records.

Recently, Swimsuit put out a 7" (out on her fellow A2-based sparkplug, Fred Thomas' label, Life Like), on top of her Ginko having released its first vinyl 45 a couple weeks ago, featuring songs of heartfelt haze pop by Man The Hunter, an up-and-coming (again,) A2 based band...that had started out as a solo lo-fi project spurred by Evan Doering. Fuzzed out, shuffling ditties tinged with a strange warmth and charm.

Take a list


And find the physical copy here.

Other stuff Shelley is propping - a Cass-single from Derek Stanton (of Awesome Color)'s Turn To Crime.

Steady churning, pop-friendly beats cough up through the fuzzosphere to facilitate this caustic, yet coaxing jet stream of drawling, subdued melodies, declarative guitars and a roaring bass.

Listen: Turn to Crime - "I Can't Love"

Learn more about these, and the first two releases from Ginko - here.

What else? Let's see..., what else?

*Oh, - Swimsuit, with Tovah D-Day and Holly Hellfire, is playing at Ypsilanti's Dreamland Theatre, opening for K-Records chief (and lo-fi pop legend) Calvin Johnson (for his first ever visit to that area). Feb. 19th - all ages - $7 - Dreamland Theatre.

Set aside all of that - she also organizes a monthly events planner -
*a blog called Michigan Happenings -where she lists numerous shows and live performances (often between 30-40!) happening in any given month, throughout the state (primarily Ypsi/Arbor/Detroit). Very comprehensive and commendable! You can find six different shows to go to, this weekend by clicking - take note.

Okay...what else...

*Shelley coordinated a show featuring renowned noise-rockers Wolf Eyes and Lightning Bolt - soon to be rattling the Neutral Zone - (on April 2nd) - more info here.


*Swimsuit is wrapping up their debut full-length. Stay tuned for more info...

That's it for now. Follow Ginko or Michigan Happenings for more... and look for Man The Hunter at this year's Metro Times Blowout.

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shelley said...

We are having a Ginkgo showcase at the Blowout, on Friday March 4 at the Atlas Bar. Featuring Swimsuit, Man The Hunter, Turn to Crime, and Damned Dogs. Thanks for spreading the word!