Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Video Day

Steven Drozd (multi-instrumentalist and perceived compositional mastermind of the Flaming Lips) has scored a soundtrack for a film, The Heart is a Drum Machine, that seeks an answer to the question... (or at least glimpse and muse upon multiple philosophies and perspectives on-)... what is music?

Related content: Thrill Jockey's 2005 documentary that dissects "inspiration" - daunting and exhaustive are good words for it - but for any incorrigible music dorks, its definitely "thrilling" to take in segments.

Detroit's DIY documentarian of music and culture, Steve Barman (of MCR-renown) debuted his live/filmed talk show a few weeks ago at the Alger Theatre. Now he's settling into the CAID for a season of episodes featuring interviews with artists, community personalities/provocateurs and activists and live performances from local bands (and various other exhibiting talents)

Watch Episode 2 - but stay tuned here for the post of Episode 3 and the debut of Episode 4

Also... this voice! (With an album out a couple weeks ago + she just played the Cass Collective...did you catch it?)

Also - observe the power and glory of the Caveman - here


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