Saturday, February 19, 2011

Metro Times - Blowout XIV - Mar 2 - Mar 5 - Hamtramck

The worth of Blowout is the chance.

I mean, I can ramble (and have) about how remarkable it is that all of your talented neighbors come together each year to fuel the largest all local music festival in the nation. I can posit that Detroit is just a world onto itself, musically, with a range of multifaceted bands, styles, personalities and ideas...all germinating throughout its motoroil stained alleys and stones' throws from its dillapidated houses and run down gas stations.
From the glowing beauty of pure-catchy pop to the swagger of rock n roll to the dynamism of hip/hop and the ferocity of punk - all bubbling up between the cracks of.... oh you know how it goes.

But with Blowout - not only is one offered the chance to romp and reel through four long nights of music, a hundred or so different bands packed into fifteen venues (starting in Detroit and then predominantly through Hamtramck) - but you're given the chance of... chance.

Maybe you're familiar with, er, "the scene" round here. Maybe exstensively...moderately...or just somewhat. Maybe you already know who you want to go see.

But if you have no idea - well, then the whole week becomes a fun-house of potential musical revelations. (It could also be a montage of mediocrity more attuned to a house of horrors if you're just unlucky with your random selections...) - Whatever it may be - it's a choose your own adventure scenario.

My longwinded point- we all know the hullabaloo of Detroit; its a confounding underdog that's stricken with staggering talent - and - we all know the glories of Blowout; but never under-appreciate the value of "finding your new favorite band..."
Finding opposed to searching. The band that no one told you to go see, the band that didn't get any hipster buzz, the band that you stumbled upon...and then, had your mind blown.

You can find that here...
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Bad Indians - Fri, 9:40, Jeans;
Man The Hunter - Fri, 11:40, Atlas;
Sheefy McFly & the Delorean - Thur, 11:20, Baker's Streetcar;
The Ashleys - Sat, 10:20, Kelly's)

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