Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Currently Listening: YOU + Phantasmagoria + Bad Indians

Oh, Michigan...

Well... let's start with YOU. -Minimalist spectral synth pop - a steady tip toeing beat gets delicately blasted with whirs, blips and siren howls with dueling vocals from this Brooklyn/Detroit two piece chanted and spoken out in bewitching manners evoking an air of voices-in-your-head.

Glimpse/Hear: YOU. - "Club Vogue and her Midnight Fantasies"

A difficult band for a google search, I know - but check Blind Prophet Records for more info - and then go see them open for Berlin's Meuran Humanos - as part of Something Cold - Feb 18 @ the Bakery Loft (4303 Vernor Dr)- with Divorce Party and Aphasiacs; with Justin Carver and Matte Black spinning cold wave all night.

New Release

From there - we'll go to Detroit-based synth-pop duo Phantasmagoria, who released their debut full length Spirit just a week ago (listen here). Dualing synth, dualing vocals, punchy drum machines, stormy/fuzzy noise experimentation and the occasional tribal pound of a bongo or bass drum. Their song structures are heavy on the chilly synth chimes, but they show a dazzling sensibility for layering their arrangements and changing things up on you halfway through a track; often, it sounds as though 3 or more keyboards are firing off at once on any given song. They balance shimmering pop ditties with darker, dirge-y, layered electronica. Find them here and listen to more here...

Feb 19th of my recent, newly flared favorites, Ypsi's valliant, psychedelic, surfy sludge-pop quartet Bad Indians are releasing a new cassette tape. They play the Lager House on Feb 19 - with Druid Perfume and Baptist Church.

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