Wednesday, February 9, 2011

House Phone - Battle of the Bands

Soulful, spacey lounge pop and r&b crossed with a very subtle funk-rock vibe... and still some more other piquant gusts - House Phone don't seem like one to settle - utilizing the multitude of sounds and styles brought to the table by each of the five players. Snappy, snakey, even saucey at times..., it brings an old soul classiness to an interestingly bent of blues and rock.

All that said...take a listen to them here and, if you're around (and if you are intrigued by "Battles" of "Bands") then go cast your vote at the Motorcity Casino in the Soundboard ampitheatre, tonight... it's free (21+) - with a prize of $5,000 (...likely put toward recording and touring...a worthy cause for up and comin' bands!)

Cain and Able cover demo by user4841122

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One of my favorite Illy Mack tracks^
here's the original:

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