Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Axis Mundi - Aug 5 - Northend

Artist success through artist collaboration... so goes the mission and mantra of local Label Collective Axis Mundi, a quartet of small underground/DIY labels made stronger through sharing resources and propping each other's featured works...

Sutured considerably into the murky and mesmeric patch of Detroit's sonic quilt, Axis Mundi culls lo-fi tape fuzz, ambient shoegaze, country rock, minimalist folk and psychedelic pop, via the works of artists under varying label banners~~

And on August 5th, each of the Mundi delegates will co-host a gathering that features various works rendered over the last calendar year, located at Northend Studios (spanning the 1st and 3rd floors). Non-musical works include: paintings and photography by Mundi-members and contemporaries, Alana Carlson, Gabriel Banuelos, Christian Richards, Mike Ross, Eric Peiti, Steven Gamburd and more.
Live Musical Performances from label members

Communist Day Care hosts: Dinosaur Monster's "psychedelic instrumental onslaught" and DandyLyon Whine's haunted country grooves.

Forget hosts: The mutant pop charm of the wooly psychedelic rock quartet Pupils and a new project from poet/record-head/Mother Whale-drummer Richard Wolhfiel called The Belle Isles.

Sonic Lullaby hosts: the atmospheric drifts of spaced-out improvisation/exploration via Kindle and Sea Turtle Restoration Project.

Algae Tapes hosts: Lizzle Temple Black, an "atonal, abandoning structure and coherency," paired with the minimalist metal-shredding post punk of Sound and Fury.

Also performing: Beekeepers, Freak Ache, Creepy Crawlers, Grass Grass Grass

To hear more music from Axis Mundi, check out No Money Records online.

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