Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Jon Zott...electronic music composer/producer/performer ~ is moving back to Detroit.

He's been steadily establishing himself as an impressive auteur of earthy daydream suites through intricately layered electro-pop, working his way through it in New York over the last year.

He dropped a few singles, already, via the art propulsive online label, Intuition LTD.

Jon Zott - "Brothers"....soothingly sways with wispy organs, while a shuffling synth and tree-branch tapping percussion form the base for an easygoing groove. The swirling choruses are built up to by an arresting punch from a low-fuzzed bass.

This song's made all the more poignant when Detroit audiences consider their familiarity with the works of his actual brothers, be it Philip (in The Great Fiction) or Daniel (in Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr). Just as possessed by melody as his siblings, Jon's distinction might be that he's, as Myspace put it (not I), the more "synth-happy" of the bunch... But I'll leave that argument for the Zott family dinner table.

Listen: "Work" shifts from blissed-out acid-folk to an increasingly bouyant trip-hop beat, with the chippy-chopped beats intertwining with more lilting synth brushes making it so that one could either dance fast, or dance slow, to this one...

Let's hope he gets settled here soon and we can hear these jams in some of our regular venues.

The songs are up for download today, just as Intuition often does, on Wednesdays.

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