Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Or the Retro

Two quick things--
Fucking Awesome Fest-- 8/10 --throughout the Majestic Complex


While you're here - Magnet Magazine is reveling in the recent opening of the 120 Minutes vaults. This was the reservoir from which bright eyed alterna-hipster/proto-Indie-rockers of the early 00's drank in their culture via the fading format of the Music Video. Thus we have the current aristocrats often propped and proselytized by Pitchfork-ian outlets, be they TV On The Radio, Beck, or the Flaming Lips. 120 Minutes, proper, started in 1986! - featuring acts like They Might Be Giants, Dead Milkmen, or Sonic Youth...or featuring special guest hosts like Robert Smith, Joey Ramone or Robyn Hitchcock.

Here's the vault link - dig into your formative years -
And, hopefully unlike me, you wont' come out realizing how there's a disconcerting amount of your old classics that wound up being coopted for car commercials... (see below, a trio snipped from Feb. 23 2003's episode).


Do you realize ? - The Flaming Lips by leiloute

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