Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Computer Perfection CD Release 10 / 9

there's a place where we can be together
follow me we can start a gang
something says this is not the end

So, as the story goes...loosely, Gene Corduroy, Amy Bem, Nathaniel F.H. Burgundy and Little Tommy Daniels, the majority of the most recent line up of Pas/Cal formed a new band -after said-band's most recent release, I was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke and Laura.

Computer Perfection- shying away from the labrynthian sunny indie-pop of the Casimer-led collective and bringing in synthesizers to embrace a bit of krautrock and fuzzy dream-pop. A darker thing, yes, somewhat, but compared to the winding hallways of their former band's most recent release, its a much more immediate pop - a less moodier (and not as occasionally indigestible) as maybe a Broadcast; just as driving and at times danceable as a Stereolab but free from any overly esoteric, bland artsy indulgences. A combination of such minds, with a proven track record, was bound to yield pleasing results. Suffice it to say, they have their shit together - because their debut full length is already ready, already.

With LTD leaving the band to be replaced by drummer Aaron Quillen and, most recently, Steve McCauley (from Scarlet Oaks) joining on bass, the band will perform their CD Release show - 10-9, at the Pike Room - with White Hinterland and Angela's Loop Clarinet.

Notes/afterthoughts: Their myspace posting forecasts the possibility of sexy vampires at this show - and, on second thought, with the name drops I made above, I still wouldn't consider them a Silver Apples trip or anything like a new wave/shoegaze/dream-pop revival thing. I'm still feeling it out myself and, at this stage - just enjoy it for the simple pleasure of it's pop. As their myspace says - "sounds like: neither computers nor perfection." I like that. Plus - their CD is called "We Wish You well On Your Way To Hell" - and I like that too.

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