Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ferdy Mayne - EP Review

Ferdy Mayne Chase that Jackrabbit

Flavorful batch of tunes ranging from blues, gospel, folk, punk and art-rock, this Ypsi-trio finds the muddy creek where David Byrne's church-striding, big shouldered cowboy meets Tom Wait's scruffy romantic with the cigarettes scorched croon, then spread that nicely over warm toned acoustics and intricate percussion. Nicely negotiates that strummy, voice-echoing-through-the-woods feeling ("Dresses"), with the harder-pounding rock rousing ("Lab").

Weird and wobbly but so familiar, given distinction by the quirky, poetic rambling and strange and exciting imagery invoked in their lyrics (“Diver”), Ferdy Mayne capture the swampy-vibe missing in most blues, but they aren’t even aiming directly for it, there sampling a lot here and it makes for rewarding re-plays.

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