Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lettercamp - Sunday - Loving Touch

Liz Wittman has always had a fine ear for pop and a sweet, coyly sultry voice to help deliver it (via her roles in Kiddo or Friendly Foes) but with Lettercamp she's able to bring in a bit of a darker edge.

Her heretofore solo project has been gestating over the last couple years and finally gets its debut, Sunday evening at the Loving Touch in Ferndale, thanks to Eat This City's after party for the DIY Street Fair (line up).

Chilly synths, clamboring beats, claps and clicks that ricochet around theatric string plucks and saws and vocals that can bounce from lullaby to soaring ballad to scorching reproach. Flavors of dystopic electronica, buoyant trip-hop and flashes of electro-pop (for those of you who can get your tastes triggered by all those genre whiffs), but hopefully you get the picture. Nicely finds balance, on the electronica terrain, between dancey/poppy/nocturnal fancey-free and more cerebral/dark atmospherics.
Listen here.

The live songs will be aided by members from The Dead Bodies and The Nice Device.

Following Lettercamp is the spinning top/kartwheel/back-flip/head-banger live show that is--Millions of Brazilians (who are prepping a 7" for a forthcoming release). More info on their myspace.


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