Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dally in the Alley 2009

32nd Annual Dally
--Get Involved: volunteers.dallyinthealley@gmail.com

--Go Green: ("Recycle Detroit, Waste One, and Great Lakes Recycling are working together with the North Cass Community Union to green the Cass Corridor during Dally in the Alley 2009.")
more info: http://www.dallyinthealley.com/ / http://www.recycledetroit.com/

Dally Official Artist - Mark Arminski



Forest Stage:

12:00 pm Audra Kubat
1:00 pm Looking up at Down
2:00 pm General Population
3:00 pm Catfish Mafia
4:00 pm The Wrong Numbers
5:00 pm James and the Rainbros
6:00 pm Jessica Hernandez
7:00 pm Erno the Inferno
8:00 pm In remeberance of Titus"Baatin" Glover
9:00 pm Will Sessions
10:00 pm USM (United States of Mind)

Garden Stage:

12:00 pm Rachel Taylor
1:00 pm ER
2:00 pm Petal Shop
3:00 pm Illy Mack
4:00 pm Darren Locke and The Combanations
5:00 pm Mother Whale
6:00 pm Uneven Universe
7:00 pm Dune Buggy Attack Battalion
8:00 pm Jennie Knaggs and the Sure Shots
9:00 pm Daniel Zott
10:00 pm Oblisk

Alley Stage:

12:00 pm Slow Giant
1:00 pm Woodman
2:00 pm The Rogue Satellites
3:00 pm BeeKeepers
4:00 pm Mick Basset and the Marthas
5:00 pm Snakewing
6:00 pm Devilfish
7:00 pm New Grenada
8:00 pm Noman
9:00 pm Oscilating Fan Club
10:00 pm Blasé Splee
11:00 pm Innerphonic

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