Sunday, September 27, 2009

DC Spotlight - Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment - part of John Sinclair Bday show - 10/3

(photo: Trever Long)

With 20-some-odd bands on the 2-day bill at the Bohemian National Home (3009 Tillman, Detroit) for John Sinclair's Birthday Weekend - I thought it'd be best to glimpse into one band, particularly one that has changed it's name and musical direction as of late, to catch you up and give you a bit more intimacy within the parade of performers.

Deep Cutz: Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment

The psychedelic/bluesy rock band once known as The Electric Lions, now known as Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment, will join a number of bands similarly situated in reverence for 60’s counterculture, and errant bohemia – to celebrate the birthday of poet/musician John Sinclair – at the Bohemian National Home, October 2nd and 3rd. The quintet (with Rabeah Ltief-vocals/guitar, Hussian Berro-keyboard, Pookie Grech-bass, Will Linna-drums, Mike Latcha-guitar) experienced a metamorphosis after its members served as 75% of The Glass Orphans (the initial “house band” for Theatre Bizarre’s Alice in Wonderland interpretation in March).

“We were always fans of psychedelia and garage rock,” said Ltief, “but for me (Wonderland) turned the page on my songwriting. I’m getting more into the soundscape aspect of music and doing really spaced out stuff and finding a listening experience In the slow and the low and not always having to have it on fucking 10.” All members acknowledged a solidified bond, not just as collaborators or performers but as friends, brought on by the Wonderland experience; including an embrace of a freer form and experimentalism. With material drifting from the traditional rock/blues delivery of their debut album, a name change feels right, as they prepare their 2nd LP for a winter release.

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