Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Week: WAB / Lager House / Berkley Front

The onset of the autumn show season will be anything but a slow acceleration, this year - the plate is already full - With four notable CD releases coming in the first week of October (more on that later), we'll start by building up with three solid shows the following three nights, yo-yo-ing from Ferndale, down to Lager House and back up to the Berkley Front.

9 / 24 - W.A.B. - Ferndale
First, continuing in their last-Thursday-of-every-other-month live music series, (which can hopefully be upgraded to simply "every-last-Thursday"), The Woodward Avenue Brewery is hosting something of a very belated DIY bonus-after party - with two estimable bands that weren't featured in the deluge of bands in last week's 2nd DIY Fest proper: - The High Strung and The Electric Fire Babies (pictured^) (the first of which just returned from tour and the second has a new song featured on the Bellyache Records Sweet Sounds of Detroit Volume 2 - listen here). Opening is Bars of Gold, which features the instrumentation of Wildcatting and the former vocals of Bear Vs. Shark.

9 / 25 - PJs Lager House - Detroit
A new DC fav is Black Lodge - who conjure that classic gritty, herky-jerky post-punk style for which I'll always drink the kool-aid (not so much Gang of Four, closer to Fire Engines) - but they can also just as easily slide into a more 60's Stooges thing or get really heavy on the atmospheric, noisy psychedelic trip. Their paired with the stately, melodic baroque pop quartet of The Juliets (who are currently in the studio). Also joining this bill is the Wildfire (Nathan Kalish) and Steve McCauley (the latter being an acoustic performance from the Scarlet Oaks singer). (For Black Lodge's sake, I'll also drink the kool-aid at any slight hint of Twin Peaks.)

9 / 26 - Berkley Front - Berkley
And that would lead us into the next show - for McCauley's main band, Scarlet Oaks will headline a show in that cozy little suburban bar (with a plethora of beers) for a show that's been dubbed "The Showcase" - The band will feature songs from their most recent release - Canadian Dew (on Bellyache) and welcome friends Benjamin Teague and Melissa Rae.


P.S. - Tonight at the Majestic Cafe (after the Sun Volt show in the Magic Stick) - The Four Hour Friends play a free after party.

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