Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (formerly Sik Sik Nation) Album Release - 10 / 17 - Majestic Cafe

with Friends of Dennis Wilson / Wicked Hemlocks --

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor are an Ypsilanti-based experimental rock trio that we all once knew as Sik-Sik Nation. That name has now, well, uh...vaporized - and now the band has embraced the new direction of their music--away from the bluesy hard rock drive of their debut release 8 Styles to the Unholy into a more experimental and darker psychedelia, a freer rock style that sets more of a mood than the mindless headbanging, leather-clad fist-pump, and more of a guitar-screeched, smoky exploration that forms a hybrid of still-held influences from the blues and indie-rock regions.

The band have always been diligent and proactive - booking their own shows and trying to establish their own scene (admittedly never fitting with the all-the-way-indie/pop bands nor the all-the-way-psyche/garage rock bands).

Singer/guitarist Sean Morrow, bassist Eric Oppitz and drummer Rick Sawoscinski have an embraced the DIY - holed up in Oppitz basement over the last year, with their own set-up, manning the boards themselves, writing the songs as a trio and embracing, strategically, the chaos of the internet and offering their forthcoming release the self-titled Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor for a free download starting 10/13 (along with, for a limited time, a free download of their previous Sik Sik Nation release, 8 Styles) on their new website:

So come meet the new band that you already know - and have a deeper appreciation of the new songs that you've been hearing develop at their shows through 2009. It isn't a complete changeover - but it feels right. It shows a band that not only knows what it wants, not only knows what it should be doing (free downloads) but knows itself - enough to know it was time for a change....of sorts.

They play the Majestic Cafe with The Friends of Dennis Wilson and the Wicked Hemlocks (from NY) - 10/17.

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