Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friendly Foes - New 7" release show - 10 / 10 - Berkley Front


With July's hosting of the High Strung CD Release show - and before that it featured Scott Allen's new band Big Mess - and most recently had a cozy early autumn folk-ish set from The Scarlet Oaks.
It's autumn now - maybe it's safe to say now that all the suburban set scene-goers settled into Ferndale, Royal Oak and Birmingham now have a place where they can regularly go, wrapped in trendy jackets, on mind-clearing walks in the brisk air, huffing the smell of burned leaves before we head in for a few swills of beer and nice loud music.

And that place is The Berkley Front's upstairs stage. This weekend, the Friendly Foes celebrate the release of So Obscene EP, - offering a 7" with a CD inside. (Review forthcoming). Early myspace postings warned of a limited run - so you may have to get there if you want a piece of the action. The guitars are getting grettier, the rhythms are pounding, it's harder and expanding beyond the autobiographical sensibility of their launchpad material.

There's info here

and on Friendly Foe's myspace

(heck, darn, pee, poo, a-hole, frick)

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