Sunday, September 27, 2009

John Sinclair's Birthday Show - Detroit Life

So much has been said about John Sinclair (catch up here), and already have I written about his special bond, most recently, with the crew from Loco Gnosis (here). And while you're at it, you may want to catch up on Sinclair's Blues Scholars band - who are releasing their album, Detroit Life, on his Bday, 10/2 at the Bohemian National Home (or, Bo House?) - at 3009 Tillman, in Detroit.

So in the following post, I'll try to narrow it down with a spotlight on one of the many bands performing. But for more info - Loco Gnosis can tell you more. And even if you don't know who John Sinclair is, and even if you don't know half, most, or any, of the bands featured - you're still going to find an enlightening experience - combining down-home comfort with mind-expanded dizziness.

The Birthday concert is $5 - but the following night, Saturday 10/3, there's a bonus party, with just as many-if-not-more bands, for free.

The Breakdown

Oct 2: Scotty Karate / DevilFish / Rise of the Peace Balloon / Bad Faces Clan / Wildcatting / Frank and Jesse / Woodman / James Semark / Space Band / Polecats Bigband / Planet Nonet - and John Sinclair and his Blues Scholars (which will debut their Detroit Life album)

Oct 3:
High Speed Dubbing / The Makebelieves / Hellblower / Marco Polio & The New Vaccines / Outdated Fate / Mick Bassett & The Marthas / Circus Boy / Oscillating Fan Club / Black Irish / The Displays / Mazinga / Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment / The Decks / Dark Red / Duende - and John Sinclair with the Pinkeye Orchestra


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