Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Desktop gets physical - offers floppy disk - offers another free EP

Back in late summer, Desktop offered their debut EP, for free, online. Those of you who dug it's fiery disco-electro/pop goodness will now get the chance to obtain a physical copy. The duo (Keith Thompson -from Johnny Headband and Zach Curd -from The Pop Project) embraced the new schematics of this online-altered music world, by greeting their new fans with a free offering - and then later providing them the chance to actually hold something between their fingers. That something will be 12" vinyl and a floppy disk. The first medium is already proven to hold strong in the nostalgic hearts of record collectors, maybe the latter can cause a similar retro reverence for old IBMs and Commodore 64s(?) Pack those in right under your receivers and put on your headphones.

To celebrate the release, Desktop is offering another free EP for download - the MY BOO EP - which features a cover of Ghost Town DJ's "My Boo" as well as two remixed tracks from the previous/initial EP. "Fired Up" gets remixed by Johnny Headband, while "Too Much" is given even more by Dave Shettler (of SSM among others).

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