Saturday, September 5, 2009

Polvo - Magic Stick - 9/6

Relatively unsung indie-trailblazers (at least, next to ad-nauseum dropped names like Pavement or Guided By Voices), this NC quartet churned out the shambled shrieks, gristly guitars and caustic tones throughout the 90's before breaking up before centuries end.

"Beggars Bawl" - from In Prism

They captured the scruffy blue collar slacker shrug rock but added a poetic raucousness, a sort of clangy and cavernous noise-pop style that utterly distinguished itself from the more droney-leanings of a Sonic Youth... But I'm drifitng towards cliche and had better cut-it-off there before I say something totally eye-rollably contrived like, 'thinking-man's-Pavement...'

My convoluted point being, that a good underground band should make you question the character of everything else you're lisetning to - and Polvo did that to a tee. Thankfully, they reunited recently and this month sees their first album in more than 10 years. In Prism comes out on Merge - and the band is supporting it with a tour joining them with Titus Adronicus - They play the Magic Stick Sunday night (9/6) with Titus Adronicus, Tigercity and the So So Glos.

Polvo on myspace

In Prism on Merge

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