Sunday, September 27, 2009

Farewell Republic CD Release - 10/3 - Blind Pig

10 / 3 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor - Farewell Republic CD Release - with Manolete

Indie-rock quartet Farewell Republic, an Ann Arbor based collectived heavily swathed in feedback affairs and atmospheric/art-rock viscera - recently wrapped up their 2nd EP, Heat/Crimes/Trench Man (named, you guessed it, for the songs featured). The band self-produced the recording with Michael Coffman mixing and then had it mastered at Avatar Studios in NY, with Fred Kevorkian (who worked with The National and the White Stripes). The follow-up to last year's Bridges EP manages to be even more dizzying in its display - adding an ensemble of strings and horns. Flavors and styles rise and fall, implementing moody strings and organs that set fantastic autumnal settings; songs shift and descend and explode back up, capturing a storybookish mellodrama with its epic orchestral builds, dressed with chimes and see-sawing violins, but given a hard rock vigor by more gristly guitars and bony, jerking hooks - with goosebump howls and marching drums.

Before this EP was mastered, no one in the band (Sivan Jacobovitz- Guitar/Vocals; Ryan Sloan- Bass/Keys; Bobby Matson- Drums; Brian Trahan- Keys/Vocals) had yet reached age 21 - plus, they've already toured the east coast 4 times. If that isn't enough to whet your appetite - how about having the EP for free? Hear the songs here - or check them out live at the Blind Pig, 10/3.