Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crocodiles - The Hounds Below - The Horrors - 10 / 12 - Magic Stick

Crocodiles are a feedback fuzzed neo-psychedelic pop duo from San Diego who had a great year (end of 08 through 09) of blushing blog buzz that led up to the release of their first full length Summer of Hate (video above) on Fat Possum records. They're similarly situated with Wavves, not only as label mates but as spreading through the online channels - often being noted for their lo-fi buzzy rock, their gothic overtones and blown out guitars twisting into dreamy melodies and exuberant starry-eyed ballads of hazy humming vocals. Names are dropped like crazy at every write up - Jesus and Mary Chain probably wins for having the most references.

But see what you think - they join Jason Stollsteimer's rejuvated Hounds Below project on October 12 (Magic Stick) in opening up for The Horrors.

Crocodiles - "I Wanna Kill"
Crocodiles - "Summer of Hate"

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