Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Tomorrow, as legend has it, is "the busiest bar night of the calendar year."

Which, given Detroit's deluge of willing and able musical talent, can mean a calamitous, splendidly nerve-wracking evening wrung with that itchy and exhilierating vibe of: everything going on everywhere at the same time.

Well - yeah, for tomorrow, per usual, that's true. There's plenty to see and hear as we all whirl our ways out to the bar on this night of nights for spirited self-destruction (unless you're the one prepping the tofu-friendly items at the crack of the next dawn).

But it seems, more than before, that the majority of the suitable shows are taking place after the fateful day of football, gluttony and Hallmark-hued grinning pilgrim cartoon masking roots of imperialism.

Friday night, of course, one of our most highly renowned local incarnations, the Gories, will reuniute (for a second time in a calendar year) to perform at the Majestic Theatre.

The next day, Silverghost will celebrate the release of their first proper full length LP at the Magic Bag in Ferndale.

And... on top of these and a handful of notable nationals rolling through town this week, we've also got an ambitious line up at the Belmont, Saturday, in Hamtramck, featuring the inimitable Marco Polio & the New Vaccines (pictured). They welcome Bars of Gold (with their D.C.-set drummer back in town) along with the up-and-coming gypsy-freak-soul collective Pink Lightning and the Flint-based americana act Empty Orchestra.

Don't blow yourself out on Wednesday. Eat somewhat hearty but somewhat light on Thursday. You'll need a few wits and brain cells to operate and propel thy self to a bunch of shows over the weekend.

Take a nap.

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