Sunday, November 14, 2010

Currently Listening: Valleys (Stoner EP)


((Montreal based trio gets heavy on haze... (read a recent Pitchfork post about them and follow up on them from Semprini Records. )) it's atmospheric layers, the imposing whir and roar of synth and fuzz-pedal guitar drones could facilitate the discorporating laser light show scene from 2001; it's dream-pop layers, the feather flicked melodies through celestial, airy vocals beg to dim the lights and calm the rabble of any room or urge to drive on down empty, rain soaked freeways under light-pollution defying stars and a smirking crescent moon.

and upon it's indie/art-rock layers, the shuddernig guitars echo over deceptively intricate bass grooves and driving beats, leaning and strutting forward into otherwise instantaeous hooks curtained with coarse and bemusing noise effects.

It is romantic and haunting... Soak up the dreamy/dreariness as best you can in these waining autumn nights.

take a listen to their single, "Ordinary Dream" via Pitchfork or Semprini

Their tunes are decorated with steady, almost XX-feeling grooves under timorous teasing vocal melodies slide into the more shambolic plodding of feedback manipulation taking the form of some cathartic cliffside howl into the ether; at other points it drifts into a continous looping guitar drone under shimmering synth hums - like some kind of a Frippy/Eno type slow march.

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