Saturday, November 20, 2010

Switchblade Justice - Album Release 11/26 - Corktown

One of Detroit's preeminent purveyors of punk, Switchblade Justice, invite you to Detroy the World with them. The day after you give thanks for everything, commence then, to give into that spasmodic tazmanian devilish punk inside of you to riccochet all 'round a cacophonous barn, spurred on with the sinister charm of these veteran rockers and the tunes from their new LP.

The one-two punching bag drums and chugging bass most effectively connect these trounces to the punk aesthetic, but the vocals are some kind of mutated Elivs-y bubble-gum croon and the swaggering guitars ring so closely to a classic rock swing and shamble.

Blend a few dabs of hardcore headslamming catharsis, with teaspoon stiring of nostalgic comic-book cracked revivalism, and boil it in a pot bubbling with the vigor and vile of straight up rock n roll - spill it into a bowl, slam it down with a whiskey chaser and get your ass back up and moving with those tumbling drums.
Take a listen:

Derelikt Kraft (Jaye Thomas from Rogue Satellites) and HiFi Hellcats join the party...

Pre-sale available through Real Punk Radio

More info on Switchblade Justice's Facebook

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