Thursday, November 18, 2010

Join the Broken Dreams Club - - Currently Listening: Girls

I've been eager to see where this band would go, following their exceptional debut's blend of hazed-out neo-psychedelia, a light milling of indie-punk gravel and unabashed sun-toned early-60's pop. The SF-based duo were like the less droney, less gloomy, equally existential alternative to Deerhunter ("who wants something real when you can just have nothin?")
Forget about cuts like "Big Bad Mean Motherfucker's" fast grind or "Hellhole Ratrace's" woozy, druggy slow dance transendence - these, save the feedback flares of the closer, are straighter guitar pop songs, with keener, even dreamier melodies with a slow twist steadily digging its heels firmly into the early 60's sounds. Less strident and a bit more of a gothic country twang sprinkled in, complete with wavy surf guitars, brass touchings and shimmying percussion.
Head over to Matador Records to get a free mp3 ("Heartbreaker") and get a taste of their new, janglier, sunnier spills.
More info from Girls - and from True Panther Sounds


The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

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alex said...

glad to see Girls on your blog! I've been a fan since the summer of '09 when I first heard "Lust for Life". So, I've definitely gotta buy this new EP.