Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank You (video) - 12/3 Magic Stick

Baltimore has birthed an intriguing post-rock trio that sounds like it'd be more attuned to the atmospheric synth-and-guitar rock up in New York or the more deconstructionist, rhythm-based experimentalists over in Chicago. In any case, Thrill Jockey has picked them up for their forthcoming Golden Worry LP.

Here's a tune from that record - "Birth Reunion" (below) - which starts out with minimalist electro-haze (resembling their contemporaries, Beach House, in that regard), but then the drums start picking up, pummeling louder and faster as the guitars ferociously pur through Fender twin reverb amps (and this could reflect their collaboratnig with J. Robbins of Yeasayer or their work with producer Chris Coady who galvanized past Yeah Yeah Yeah's records). And those drums never stop - just continue their tumbling forth, trancelike, with those shooting start guitars bending and swaying gracefully on top.

Enjoy watching 3 cute girls get ready for their own private dance party.

Thank You - Birth Reunion from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

More info on Thank You here.
They perform Friday night at the Magic Stick - with freak-jazz collective Junger Witt and Cotton Museum.

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