Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tyvek - Nothing Fits

This month saw Tyvek, Detroit's celebrated lo-fi noise-pop collective, unveil it's In The Red Records debut LP, Nothing Fits.

Previously a more illusive band, record-wise, you had to catch them at their merch tables to peruse whatever the latest limited 7" (or tour-only CD-R) they had recently whipped up. Now, however, in a little more than a full calendar year, they've got two proper full length albums buzzing and screaching out into the general air - last year's self-titled, and now, this latest release on In The Red.

Renowned for their vigorous, spilled-out live shows and their grating guitars - the band seem to be successfully translating all their loose/loud punk-dented-new-wave noise into comprehensive album-sized presentations.

Take a listen to the opener: Tyvek - "4312"

Head to their myspace for more listening (or Stereogum, for even more...)

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