Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pigeons - Liasons

Pigeon's sparse, haunting pop is like the syrupy cerebral residue of a fading dream left upon your pillowcase as you slowly rear your still swirling head up and into the orangey glow of a freshly ignited sun.

Oozing with the air of languid strolls with no destination through murky, rainy-day realms, this Bronx-based duo blend the brood of Neil Young to the tranquility of Beach House - delivered through minimal, melodious sways of smoky flutes, shushing-clattering drum machine beats and a vocal/guitar pairing that rival each other in snaky mesmerism. Less the more psychedelic leanings of their previous records and more of a candle-lit freak folk seance - it's something that demands return-listens (and headphones) to apprecaite or become aclimated to its nuanced charms.

Take a listen: Pigeons - "Race" MP3

Liasons - out on Soft Abuse
Watch: - "Paradise"

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