Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grass - Relaxer

Drum is still not dead.

Experimental in the truest sense... in that this was one of those magical basement jams characteristic to this scene of richocheting obscuro's always ready to play and pound, bleat and bop at a moment's notice - captured and put down to tape as two "statements" (not quite 'songs'), both about 25 minutes in length.

But the experiment, it seems, will likely mature into a steadily recurring live creature. A melding of sound art, fractured bebop, clarinet-squealed jazz freak out, and noisy experimental krautrock spices - it's predominantly drums - with multiple musicians at multiple kits armed with multiple sticks. Howling, yowling, indecipherable human voices whirl atop these disjointed marches and snaky melodies.

Take a listen and buy some mp3s here (though it'd be worth it to track them down for the cassette featuring the original artwork of Godard's iconic anti-hero Michel Poiccard.) The music captured here features members of Forget, Bars of Gold, Electric Fire Babies, Rootbear, Sound & Fury, High Speed Dubbing, Jura, DevilFish and Oscillating Fan Club
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