Thursday, November 4, 2010

Benefit for Robert Wonnacott - 11/7 - with Dick Valentine & "Friends"

Outrageous Cherry
The Electric Fire Babies
Scarlet Oaks
Jeff Tarlton

will join Mr. Dick Valentine the swaggering honcho of The Electric Six (pictured right) perform at a benefit show for said alligned artists' dear friend, Robert Wonnacott as he faces serious medical issues without any insurance.

This goes down Sunday evening - at the Crofoot in Pontiac (doors at 6pm)

My one bloggy comments - would be to snipe about the still highly disconcerting state of health care in America - with no encouraging signs ahead what with all the gridlock likely to collide ceaselessly throughout a split house and senate. (Health Care Industry Still Bracing for Change -

Secondly, Wonnacott has been a close ally to the Six since the mid 90's and a contributor to some early Wildbunch demos - and thus the Six, or at least some-and/or-most of the Six will gather, alongside a crowded line up of fine local groups, to help him out in his time of need.
E6 are currently touring on their 7th studio album, Zodiac - more info here.

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