Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fleurs du Mal Fest - Questions - Gardens - Rue Moor Counts - PJs Lager House - 11/27

The Lager House hosts the Fleurs Du Mal Fest, Saturday, featuring an intermingling of live poetry readings and live musical performances. The readings, " assortment of musings from the Detroit poetry underground..." will range from reverent interpretations of Charles Baudeliare (the French symoblist who inked the twisted, beautiful, indecent and ingenious text for which the 'Fest' is named, -seen right) as well as readings from the works of Baudelaire's successor of sorts, Arthur Rimbaud.

A handful of poets will take the Lager stage to do these readings betwixt live sets from Gardens (bottom right pic) and the Rue Moor Counts (who have a full-length LP wrapped up and almost ready...) - The Questions (bottom left pic) are also on the bill, a recently reinvigorated band framed more as a traditional guitar-bass-drum rock n roll quartet - and it might be wise to mosey down to catch their set since they might be taking a winter's hiatus from live shows.

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