Monday, January 31, 2011

What's the Deal With: - 2/5 - Old Miami

Jerry Seinfeld is rumored to be MC-ing a night at the Old Miami. February 5th, attendees will be encouraged to ponder, just what, exactly, the deal is?...with headliners like gusto-pop brigade Pink Lightning. An accordion, theremin, and a Mick Jagger-meets-Arthur Brown styled front man will certainly grab attention... But, behind their circusy tinged barrage of wooly n' weird punk rock, psychedelic piano bar strut and knotty, punched-up indie rock, is the back up of proficient musicality... (which is often a necessary...keep the beat, land the notes and adroitly effect those bellows... and the live show ship will always right itself, no matter how many exuberant gales pass through its sails).

The equally eclectic (and genre-splicing/ever-evolving) quartet, Hi-Speed Dubbing, join this bill. Surf rock experimentalists DevilFish will be on hand, as well as the mysterious Phantom Cats.

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