Monday, October 24, 2011

Exact To Me (Sea & Cake - Nov 4 - Magic Stick)

I've been listening to the Sea & Cake longer than I've been (properly) writing about music.
In a weird way, a both assuring and unnerving way, we haven't really wavered that much or tumbled off our respective paths, heretofore. Still steady, still just doing it.

Photo: Megan Holmes
 Which, after the third cup of coffee, leads me to scream out, inside my skull - why, why I'm still writing about music?

And then sigh. Why does Sea & Cake still sound so good? Or, rather, how...(?)...or maybe it just sounds good to the arty, white argyle boys of surburbias, wallflowering along their way - inspired by these four shrewd post-rockers, made to sound subtly bad-ass by their exacting hone of jangly, driving post-rock, dazzled with a meshing sensibility for space-jazz as for ambient electronica...

Listen: The Sea & Cake: Up On The North Shore

Still airy in essence, last spring's Moonlight Butterfly rang with a renewed confidence in experimentation, dashing in jittery, fuzz storms from synthesizers loop-de-looping over the breathy vocals for extended 5 (or even 10) minute rock ruminations that show no sign of worry for where the song will go...

Sea & Cake - Nov 4th - Magic Stick - along with fellow purveyors of experimental post pop with easygoing élan, Brokeback...

And this New York trio, Adam's Castle, churning out good ol' cerebral post-rock, with tunes like the one-inside-the-youtube-box below:

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