Monday, October 31, 2011

Martin Bisi @ Small's 11.10.11

Idiosyncratic genre-journeymen, producer and weird-pop purveyor, Martin Bisi, is coming to Hamtramck, welcomed by the comparably quirky cut-ups Lord Scrummage and equally energetic Pink Lightning.

Bisi, who cut his teeth with Brian Eno in the heady days of New York's scorchingly inspirational no-wave days of the early 80's, is readying a new LP for early 2012 titled Ex Nihilo ("form out of nothing"). "I'm in the zone, let's just say..."

You can stream the lead single, "Suffer the Moon" here -and experience it's dizzying blends of sonic sensibilities reminiscent of his former clients, contemporaries and collaborators (from the noise-rock of Sonic Youth, to the spooky theatrics of Swans' Michael Gira)... Mesmeric, murky balladry abounds...

(Watch: Martin Bisi: "Drink Your Wine" )

Read up more on Bisi's intriguing history and current adventures, here.

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