Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Were Talking About The Space Between Us All...

The steady drizzle of this day has lead my distract-able mind to scroll YouTube for "Rain" by the Beatles.

This is mere moments after I was charmed by a brand new Beatles cover (a venture always considered indomitable or brash by mellowdramatic musicphiles) by a local outfit - Enjera - streaming here.

And a none-too-conventional one, Harrison's psychedelic Hindustani-trip "Within You Without You" - quite a wavy and highly wrought drift, percolated by the piquant sitar and massaged by the hollow-plod of tablas.

Enjera is spearheaded by Alex Wand, a curious character who may just be one of the most eclectic songwriters, at least when set against the current scene of the Mitten state's indie-rock and folk fare, as Wand also fronts the unique-in-itself trio called Light In August, which itself blended a jazz sensibility upon a softened post-rock experimentalism.

Enjera, meanwhile, employs (and flourishes) Wand's wide penchant for instrumentation tapped from a range of Eastern folk traditions, particularly those from India, including one of LiA's characteristic sonic strokes (the flute) combined with the Bangladeshi-version of that same instrument, the bansuri. Hey, even a tuning-fork wobbles its resonance through these dreamy tunes. Rachel Woolf and Sean Wassermann contribute...

While the Beatles and George's Shankar-spurred song started this rant, I'd much rather show you Enjera's range by streaming an original....

Keep your eye-and-ear on Wand - he's currently wrapping work on a film score and after that, a storytelling album.

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