Monday, November 14, 2011


I'm just looking over some old interview notes...

"...he gets a silly confidence, a certain swagger under the ninja costume..."

This is only a few lines after:
" attack..."

"he continues riffing and soloing, between takes, almost like he's working out and he wants to continue jumping jacks or running in place, staying in shape, getting that curious high from the endorphin splurge."
 It's surreal to stop, here and then, now and again, and look over all the things you pounded into wordpads and abstrusely titled word docs -

I've been unable to focus, not one iota, this morning - and so I'm laggardly leafing through docs, begrudgingly under-caffeinated and trying to work out the charlie horses in my knees.
~Occupied Thoughts - ...And so I just wind up surfing around...reading headlines... Thinking, bemused and maybe a bit electrifyingly perturbed, to see so many arrested inside the assemblages of various Occupy Movements - notably in Portland and Denver, yesterday and today. - More on that: "How 'Occupy Portland' Made History This Week." 

Going off of that news - Detroit has it's own Occupy Movement - similarly in risk of being shunted off their current spot of assemblage. - from the Free Press: "Occupy Detroit protesters to ask to stay in Grand Circus Park" -

and also, rumor has it there's a rally this evening to hold onto Grand Circus Park...

Going even further - from this week's Rolling Stone:- mixed in between worshiping the Stones' Miss You and a profile on Scott Weiland's Christmas album is some substantial Occupy-history: "...How a bunch of anarchists and radicals with nothing but sleeping bags launched a nationwide movement

~Drifting Thoughts: - Still yet unable to focus, I open up Moby Dick, to the page where I left off (that's right, I'm finally reading it!) and this is the 2nd line I read back to myself:

"Methinks that what they call my shadow here on earth is my true substance..."

You tell me. 

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