Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Poppy Post Pop

...been having too much fun excavating old interview notes... In honor of local culture/music photographer Trever Long (on his birthday), I dug up this transcribed exhibition - from a photo shoot (shot by Long, seen in self-portrait, below) inside the suburbo-rustic (and recently renovated) garage of Johnny Headband...

Our scene finds the band, the characters, in costume, while singer/keyboardist Chad describes the way the band works, in terms of members/collaborators... just kinda goes from there...

Chad: "Our policy is: you can join in on what you want to join in on...either way, we're gonna do it. Whatever it is..."
Pan!c, (guitarist, suited up in a silver blazer, atop a ladder): "I'm kinda the straight man, I work it out so I can be apart of it.

And our discussion drifts to audiences for album's and contemporary listening habits in the TwitterBooked Tablet age:
Pan!c: "It's not necessarily that people don't have an attention span, it's just that there's too much...."

He furthers it, later, positing with an almost cryptic profoundness...

Pan!c: "I think all recorded music is dead..."
Keith (bassist): "I think we're dead right now..."
Chad: "I think in's the future...-"
Keith: "I live a non-linear life..."
Chad: "We...we're...we're post-pop...we're pop-post-pop? We're poppy post-pop."

A moment passes...
Chad: "Hop Scotch!... I like the term 'Lover's Rock' - like Sade is 'lover's rock..."
Pan!c: "How can we start getting women in these photographs? What would make this photo amazing is a woman..."
Trever (photographer:) "Like...70's? 80?"
Keith: "Yeah... older women."

Chad: " I still look like a ninja?"
Keith: "A working ninja, a ninja with a job."
Pan!c: "Say, remember that Craig's List idea?"
Chad: "It's been done!"

And finally, Keith, skilled satirist of one's typical musician, leans in:

Keith: "Dude, just make us look cool..."
Trever: "Someone told me to make them look 'regal,' once..."
Keith: " Buick?
Chad (to Trever): "It's up to you, not up to them."
Keith: "Can you make me look like David Cassidy?"
Milo (you're reporter, to Trever): " gotta meet him halfway on that..."

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