Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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There's so much to write about today, dear readers - Occupy Protests are finally feeling the hammer, dropped upon them by encroaching police forces (who, they themselves are being pushed forward upon the chessboard by ostensible higher-ups, whether it's city mayors or some other shadowed influence of untold power)... Google search your news, or whatever you kids do these days, and stay tuned...

In the meantime, I'm still trying to write about local music...

As 2009 wound down, this Ypsilanti based pop trio started putting songs up on the internet - Ghostlady - a bit dark, very much dreamy, fuzzed with a bit of lo-fi charm but strung decoratively with instantaneously charming melodies - I thought I'd found the resurrection of Young Marble Giants or some new Michiganian answer to Yo La Tengo - sad/sweet purring from a farfisa, subtle, shimmied drum fills, steady booms of bass and ever-ready to open the window to let a bit of chilly atmospheirc feedback breezes in to flicker the pop candle's flame.

And it's ever that much more fully realized on Ghostlady's new full length  Henry. Oh the sweet, hazy sway of "Calypsi' - the lovely lull and after-hours ear-echoed radiance of "Let It Down" - or the hard-hooking rock roar of "Snakes" - If you're wondering where fine, straight-forward lo-fi pop went, it seems to've all went into the heads of Ghostlady's three players.

Release show for Henry - Dec 1st - Woodruff's it too late for a Mittenfest preview? Ghostlady played the Ypsi-based monumental Michigan-celebrating-music-festival last year, on the first day of 2011 (it's a New Year's thing - watch them here), though they'll miss it this year. I know that, because the line up is listed - at Mittenfest's main site. - It starts Wednesday, Dec 28th at 4pm and goes through until 2 a.m. (on Monday morning, January 2nd)
Mittenfest is a fundraiser for Michigan's nonprofit tutoring and educational outreach program, 826 Michigan, dedicated to improving/enhancing the creative and expository writing skills of students age 6-18.

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