Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Satisfied.... (+ "Why don't you just make 10 louder?")

More proper posts forthcoming...
Gonna go kick up my heels and do some necessary headphone drifts, album re-spins and book-skimming

In the meantime, there's this... a video - for a song - from one of my favorite albums of the year so far...and I don't care how many TW-haters roll their eyes at that...

...This is like any other day for Tom... probably just strolled out to his backyard, hit record and told him to: "just do what you normally do..."


In other news - 11/11/11 fast approaches. And while most of square America just sees it as something to joke with their postal carrier about, or for half-out-of-their-mind 20-somethings to mark as their zealously-planned wedding day - it is observed in the music community with a certain nuance, tied to the immortal Mockumentary Spinal Tap -and that film/band's one Nigel Tufnel and his tweaking of his amplifier to "go to 11..." for power output.

Thus - at the Berkley Front, this Friday, local label Communist Day Care Center is hosting a Nigel Tufnel Day Show - the plan, aside from bringing together a bevy of local experimental rock artists (JFn'K, Red China, The Ashleys, Crappy Future, DandyLyon Whine, The Accidentals, Dinosaur Monster, Oliver Thompson, Artie Fufkin & His Bitch School, Nick Kish) is to: "release a tribute album to the best band ever SPINAL TAP..."

First 50 people at the door will receive a limited edition physical copy of the album...with downloads available for the fashionably late.

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