Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Going to Review You so You Should Shower

I'm working towards starting a new Music Column (via the Ferndale Patch) and I made the brilliant mistake of asking Josh Malerman (singer of the High Strung, author of myriad madness-es) to suggest a list of potential "titles" for the fledgling series....

Some of the highlights of what I got back (emailed within minutes):

Sound Up Your Ass

Bass Clef and Treble Clef Waltz into a Bar

The Slalom Column (..."watch me ski through songs")


Fa-fa-fuck it up with the fa-fa-freak

Let's get drunk with Jeff Milo's Family

Violent and Disturbing Opinions

Revenge of the Sith

Jeff Milo Plants a Tree Inside an Album
and... ...
I'm Going to Review You, so You Should Shower...

oh, and somewhere in there, there was this one too: "Fuckin' Good Fuck Shit Music Holy Crap"

The column is not yet named - but I am giving equal consideration to each suggested title... Stay tuned.

***In the meantime, dig this recent post by Lisa Parisi - on a fine smorgasbord of neopunkgaragerockrevivalistpsycheswirling preservation 

Mix: Greetings from Detroit 

A Get-Bent curated anthology featuring a healthy blend of contemporary artists "...for the love of our city and the creative enterprises we sustain here. There is something similar about the concept of GET BENT and what we do here in Detroit; it’s all grassroots, by-us-for-us, and all fueled by the love of rock and roll..."


Alright then, -  have a good weekend and enjoy some locally produced videos for locally-written-recorded music sounds:

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