Friday, June 27, 2014

All The Wild Children

All The Wild Children sound like freedom…

…like  barefoot jogs through the thorny brush, fearless of barbs, bugs or whatever kind of bacteria breeding in the puddles at the edge of that swamp that you intend to swim through – it is a muddy kind of rock, an elbows-up, let’s-go-right-now, the sun-is-out kind of sound. Read off the song titles from their recently released super-EP Songs From The North, “The Ropes” (makes you want to swing out, right, on some splintery-twined strand slung from an oak branch) or “SunSick,” sounds like a bad trip or a day-long party taken just too far, but it still embodies that nuanced electrified feel to their particular brand of psych-rock, something supernatural that beckons you to either let loose or just run outside. Or how about “Mountain Lion?” Wild, man!

 This outfit, which started as a quartet and played several shows in Woodruffs as part of an Ypsi-based collective of rock acts known as Ghost Family, has gone through some membership shuffling, but still retains its core.

All The Wild Children perform with Ypsi’s own Lizerrd, tomorrow night (Saturday) in Hamtramck (at Small’s Bar).
Songs From The North is murky, it’s twangy, it’s not metal and not hard rock and not entirely psychedelic-soul, but somewhere, in the middle of the bubbly bog, wades all the children, wild!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Start The Summer

There are few songs that have so profoundly evoked the emerald green explosiveness, the mosquito-bite madness, the humid-night / riled-up run-amok, the fulsome fire heat, head-on-a-swivel, super-soaker-slip-and-slide, bike-breaking NOWNESS of SUMMER TIME ...MORE....than THIS song.

I know it's the middle of the year, right now, and we should probably follow-suit of other blogs and reel off a list of the "Best So Far." But it's 2014 and you don't need a blog to do that for you. You have your own list.

Today's my brother's birthday - so, fittingly, I'm unabashedly bucking "internet" trends and "looking back" at an "older" song -that features two BROTHERS at the front of it (with an awesome Kalamazoo-bred drummer keeping time). This song IS summer.

So happy summer.