Sunday, May 12, 2013

What We Do Is Public

No one wants to frame this article and no one will remember this lead sentence and damned if you’re going to take my word for it that you are going to want to be at this show, tonight.

You can maybe hear my voice through these disjointed discourses, but my words will have no color to them. Writing about music’s insufferable.

Drawing about music? That’s a whole other gig, man. A whole other world.

Whereas it feels everything’s been said, everything’s been sung, every word’s been used and every note’s been played, there’s so many colors you can blend, so many layers you can screen, so many meticulous messes you can drizzle…

And you can make music with your art. Art that’s about music. Art propping art. 

Love It To Death

Bossman Graphics
Shawn K. Knight
Create And Destroy/Jason Smith
Perfect Laughter
Nerl Says Design

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