Friday, February 7, 2014

Pride Obscures

To where are we headed? What's our motivation? Why do we want to go there and what's so good about it, what happens when we arrive? How will we know when we're there? Should we ever stop? Pride can fuck with us. Pride can fuck us over. Anxiety dictates our wardrobe and self-esteem dictates our diet, but what about a grasp of the situation, a grasp of any situation: perspective. A place for everything and everything in it's place. Store it all into the cupboards of perspective. The perspective cupboard. Keep it all there, nice and neat and in complete disarray - because order is futile, success is subjective, embrace dishevelment and see the beauty that no one else seems to notice; hear the melody that is too often drowned out by white noise and close your eyes tight to envision a new world if this one's too fogged out by the polluting fluorescent radiance of a clustered cities shopping centers. Dust is elegant and voices crack and you'll never say it just how you want to say it, right at that moment. So smile, at least. Consider the astonishing vastness of reality. But, also, just keep perspective - embrace whimsy, laugh easy and remember to drink lots of water. Stretching might not hurt, also. Long rant short: don't give a fuck what anyone thinks of what you do...think only of what you want to do next.

Magic is something that science just hasn't explained yet
-Ryan Cox, The Good Things

Achievement is its own reward, pride obscures it.
-Major Briggs, Twin Peaks

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